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Corvus Link Product Feature Summary (Account Management)

Corvus Link, an industry-leading SaaS solution, is an essential tool designed specifically for account leaders within management consulting firms. Offering a host of powerful features, this solution empowers leaders to manage, review, and optimize their client engagements with an unprecedented level of efficiency and insight.

Streamlined Engagements: Corvus Link consolidates all your work engagements into one accessible location. It offers you an opportunity to retrieve content from previous engagements, allowing you to draw on past experiences and apply lessons learned. Benefit from full context, ensuring that critical nuances of your previous interactions are never lost.

Interactive Dashboards: Stay on top of every detail with Corvus Link's comprehensive dashboards. Rapidly absorb insights about client issues, stakeholder views, risk factors, solutions, change readiness, implementation progress, and more. Turn data into knowledge and help drive decisions that lead to successful outcomes.

Dynamic Storyboards: Be prepared to follow every client interaction with Corvus Link's Storyboards feature. Review materials prepared for client executives including videos, presentations, written reports, and more. The Storyboards ensure that you are well-armed with impactful narratives for any discussion or presentation.

Corvus Link represents a significant step forward in managing client engagements. It streamlines operations, improves decision-making, and boosts the success rate of engagements. Utilizing Corvus Link, you will experience not just productivity, but a sense of accomplishment, knowing that you're leveraging technology to deliver the best for your clients. Embrace the future of management consulting with Corvus Link.


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