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Corvus Link Product Feature Summary (Continuous Improvement)

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Corvus Link, our advanced SaaS solution, empowers Lean Coaches to navigate change management with precision and ease. This system offers a suite of robust features that facilitate the lean process, leading to substantial productivity gains and enhanced stakeholder satisfaction.

Clarify Problem: Corvus Link begins by enabling coaches to comprehensively understand the current state and identify opportunity areas. It allows you to pinpoint problem sources, such as activities or processes, and recognize patterns by Kaizen phases. This feature ensures a deep-dive data capture, providing you with detailed insight for an informed analysis.

Create Focus: Corvus Link assists in evaluating the impact of these opportunity areas on various functions or key stakeholder groups. It accommodates diverse perspectives, capturing input from different stakeholder groups to furnish a holistic view of the current situation and potential enhancements. This well-rounded appraisal nurtures collective focus on targeted improvements.

Design Solution: Corvus Link facilitates solution identification and aids in conducting an exhaustive gap analysis. It equips you to distinguish necessary changes and gauge your organization's readiness to embrace them. With our tool, lean coaches can effectively strategize, streamline, and simplify the path towards process improvement.

Build Resilience: Corvus Link also includes a resilience-building feature. It encourages conducting 'lessons learned' events, ensuring the sustainability and longevity of improvements. Corvus Link helps capture the positive and negative aspects of implementing improvements, guiding you to craft resilient solutions and projects.

Invest in Corvus Link to revolutionize your lean coaching approach. We provide an avenue for the successful execution of change, guaranteeing accomplishment, resilience, and continuous growth in your organization.


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