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Corvus Link Product Feature Summary (Portfolio Management)

Unlock the full potential of your portfolio with Corvus Link, a state-of-the-art SaaS solution designed to elevate the effectiveness of Portfolio Managers. Corvus Link seamlessly merges artificial intelligence with traditional management techniques, creating a dynamic platform that addresses and anticipates your needs at every stage.

Clarify Problem: Begin with a comprehensive audit of your strategy to highlight opportunity areas in the current state, and use AI-backed algorithms to detect patterns. Break down opportunities into logical groups, making an analysis of impact and risk less cumbersome.

Create Focus: Corvus Link identifies where the opportunity areas will impact your organization. Stakeholder perspectives are integrated into the analysis to align your current state with new strategic objectives, providing a holistic view.

Risk Exposure: Evaluate potential risks of inaction and change using Corvus Link's AI-backed risk assessment feature. Understand the key risk contributors, quantify risk levels, and build in-depth profiles that provide context and awareness of potential risks associated with strategic change.

Design and Implement Solutions: With AI-assisted decision-making, identify and implement solutions to mitigate risks and achieve your objectives. Evaluate the impact on your organization and the readiness for change, ensuring a smooth transition. Then, construct your project portfolio linking solutions, projects, and programs together.

Build Resilience: Regular reviews keep your portfolio robust and adaptable. Engage with key stakeholders to assess progress, identify improvement opportunities, and capture lessons learned. Add these newly identified solutions to your portfolio, enhancing resilience and performance over time.

Corvus Link places you in the driver's seat, turning challenges into opportunities, and risks into calculated strategies. Experience the power of an optimized portfolio - experience Corvus Link.


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