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Corvus Link Product Feature Summary (Product Manager)

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Empower your role as a Product Manager with Corvus Link, a robust SaaS solution designed to simplify, streamline, and amplify your user-oriented tasks. It's the perfect tool dedicated to addressing your everyday product management needs and exceeding your expectations.

Project Health Dashboard

Problem Identification: Through Corvus Link, you can seamlessly create an exhaustive list of issues your product users face. Our intelligent system helps you identify patterns and effectively group these problems, paving the way for a more refined and comprehensive approach to building user personas.

User Persona Creation: Gain an unfiltered view into what your users need, don't need, and expect from your product. Corvus Link allows you to delve deep into user perspectives and expectations, refining your product backlog.

Solution Design: Corvus Link guides you in identifying key features and functionality based on user needs. Harness the power of a systematic assessment of the impact these features will have on users and whether there’s appetite for change necessary to use your product.

Solution Implementation: With Corvus Link, build a product portfolio that organizes and links your product's features to a product portfolio hierarchy. This integrated approach promotes effective and efficient product development.

Resilience Building: Corvus Link offers a platform to conduct “lessons learned” sessions, allowing for the continuous improvement of your approach and solutions implemented. Grow stronger with each product cycle, and build resilience in your product strategies.

Experience the Corvus Link difference and gain a sense of accomplishment as your product thrives. Enhance product management, enhance decision-making, and elevate your products to unprecedented success. With Corvus Link, you're not just managing products; you're mastering them.


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