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Case Studies

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Use Case: Catalyzing Continuous Improvement with Corvus Link

Meet Alex, who wears many hats at Acme Company, and is committed to fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the organization. Acme recognizes the need for tools that align with Alex's goal of implementing continuous improvement initiatives seamlessly. In search of a comprehensive solution, Alex turns to Corvus Link, an online SaaS platform harnessing Artificial Intelligence to guide companies in growth mode to scale their operating models efficiently.

Unified Collaboration for Continuous Improvement:

Acme, like many organizations, previously struggled with fragmented tools for planning, forecasting, and collaboration. Alex identifies Corvus Link as the solution to unify and streamline Acme's continuous improvement efforts. The platform becomes the centralized hub where teams collaboratively create and update business plans, demand and revenue forecasts, operating models, initiative portfolios, and workflows – all essential elements for fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Aligned to Strategy:

Alex initiates the continuous improvement journey by leveraging Corvus Link's collaborative features to create and update business plans. The platform's AI-driven insights assist in aligning improvement strategies with Acme's overarching goals. Every team member has access to the evolving plan, ensuring transparency and engagement in the continuous improvement process.

Asynchronous Brainstorming:

Acme can unlock the power of collaborative ideation with the Digital Whiteboard—a key module in Corvus Link meticulously designed to scale the way teams generate, share, and refine ideas. This dynamic tool is engineered to facilitate seamless and efficient brainstorming sessions, process mapping, and ideation, all without geographical limitations. With the Digital Whiteboard, Alex can seamlessly drive the team's creativity and productivity.

Operating Model Reference:

In Alex's continuous improvement efforts at Acme, there is a seamless ability to reference existing operating model components—be they resources, processes, or capabilities. With this capability, Alex can suggest and implement improvements with unparalleled efficiency and precision, contributing to a culture of continuous enhancement within the organization.

Track and Implement with Ease:

With Corvus Link's portfolio management features, Alex can efficiently oversee continuous improvement initiatives. The platform's workflow collaboration tools allow teams to manage their own tasks while seamlessly collaborating across functions. This holistic approach ensures that continuous improvement efforts are aligned across functions and delivered successfully.

Decision-Driven Insights:

Corvus Link empowers leaders like Alex with decision-driven insights. The platform becomes the go-to reference for strategy, operating model processes, and digital whiteboards for brainstorming. Alex can make informed decisions based on consolidated and updated information within the same tool. Corvus Link's real-time dashboards provide a comprehensive view of initiative progress, fostering a culture of accountability and achievement.

In just a short time, Alex witnesses a shift in Acme's approach to continuous improvement. Corvus Link not only provides the tools needed for creating, updating, and implementing improvement initiatives but also ensures that decision-makers have access to consolidated, real-time data for informed decision-making. Acme's continuous improvement culture continues to grow as Corvus Link becomes the catalyst for a unified, collaborative, and data-driven approach to achieving organizational excellence.


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