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Case Studies

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Use Case: Enhancing Governance with Corvus Link

Meet Linda, a Governance Guardian at "Acme Company". In this illustrative scenario, she is responsible for ensuring a comprehensive view of the organization's health. Linda's role demands meticulous oversight, with a focus on progress, timing, budget, and risks across the entire portfolio. However, managing these aspects efficiently becomes a challenge with disparate tools and fragmented data. Enter Corvus Link, an AI-powered SaaS solution designed to guide companies in scaling their operations seamlessly.

Holistic Portfolio Visibility

Corvus Link becomes Linda's strategic guide, ensuring she knows where to start and smoothly guiding every step of the operating plan into action. Incorporating Corvus Link, Linda discovers an all-in-one solution that centralizes tools for creating and updating plans, generating demand forecasts, designing operating models, implementing strategies, managing portfolios, and facilitating collaborative workflows.

Detailed Governance with AI Insights

Corvus Link's real-time visibility offers Linda a comprehensive view of the organization's health. From identifying potential risks to tracking project progress, the dashboards and storyboards empower her to make informed decisions efficiently. The platform can also facilitate the creation of queries in storyboards, which can summarize specific areas of the portfolio across the platform.

Efficient Governance Workflow & Collaboration

Visibility to Acme’s plans, demand forecasts, and other records help to simplify Linda's tasks, ensuring that all necessary information is organized and accessible within the platform. The platform's collaborative features, such as digital whiteboards and storyboards, facilitate seamless communication and coordination across teams, eliminating the need for Linda to jump between different apps when connecting with teammates.

Structured Methodology

Corvus Link provides Linda with the structured methodology to view and manage portfolios, programs, and projects ensuring that she can derive meaningful outcomes in a scalable way. Linda also uses the flexibility within the solution to manage projects at the appropriate level of detail.

In a short time, Linda witnesses a transformative shift in how governance is managed at Acme. Corvus Link's unified interface not only enhances her efficiency but also provides detailed visibility into all aspects of the portfolio. Governance Guardians like Linda can leverage Corvus Link as an indispensable tool for holistic oversight, informed decision-making, and efficient collaboration – truly a win-win solution for elevating governance in the customer journey.


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