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Case Studies

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Use Case: Fostering Continuous Improvement with Corvus Link

Meet Alex, a Lean Coach at Acme Company in this fictional scenario, committed to instilling a culture of continuous improvement within the organization. Alex is on the lookout for tools and services that can streamline gathering feedback across the team to understand what’s working, what to improve, and implement those changes seamlessly. Enter Corvus Link, an online SaaS solution tailored for startups to medium-sized companies, designed to guide companies through scaling their operating models efficiently using Artificial Intelligence.

Efficient Feedback Gathering and Retrospectives:

Alex recognizes the importance of gathering feedback and conducting retrospectives to drive continuous improvement. With Corvus Link, Alex can easily gather feedback from team members, stakeholders, and customers. The platform's user-friendly interface allows for seamless collaboration, making it easy to capture insights and reflections on implemented changes.

Referencing Existing Processes and Documents:

Corvus Link provides a centralized repository for existing processes and project documents. Alex can reference these documents within the platform, ensuring that changes are aligned with the organization's established practices. This feature promotes consistency and avoids the need to switch between different tools to access relevant information.

Comprehensive Business Planning:

To foster continuous improvement, Alex understands the importance of a well-structured business plan. Corvus Link's structured yet flexible modules guide Alex through the process of creating and updating a business plan. The platform's AI-driven capabilities help Alex understand where to start and provide guidance on the next steps to bring the plan to life.

Demand and Revenue Forecasting:

Corvus Link's demand and revenue forecasting tools assist Alex in aligning initiatives with the business plan. The platform automates and integrates internal documents and material, allowing Alex to anticipate environmental changes and disruptions effectively. This ensures that continuous improvement initiatives are strategically aligned with the organization's financial goals.

Operating Model Design and Implementation:

Creating and implementing an operating model is a crucial aspect of continuous improvement. Corvus Link offers tools to design and update operating models, providing a structured approach for Alex. The platform incorporates eight types of decision-making models, allowing Alex to mix and match, optimizing the operating model to meet specific improvement goals.

Workflow Organization for Collaborative Efforts:

Corvus Link's workflow management tools enable Alex to organize tasks and track collaborative efforts seamlessly. The platform provides a structured workflow that facilitates and tracks continuous improvement initiatives. Easy for non-SMEs to leverage projects for implementing new designs and capabilities.

In Alex's continuous improvement journey at Acme Company, Corvus Link emerges as a powerful ally, providing the structure, flexibility, and expertise needed for effective change management. The platform's features empower Alex to drive improvements seamlessly, capturing feedback, referencing existing processes, and implementing changes that enhance efficiency across the organization.


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