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Case Studies

  • Writer's pictureRyan Ona

Use Case: Revolutionizing Visionary Leadership with Corvus Link

Meet Sarah, a startup visionary at the helm of Acme Company in this fictional scenario, steering her team toward innovation and growth in a dynamic market. Sarah's leadership demands a streamlined approach to business planning, forecasting, and cross-functional collaboration. However, her current toolkit, comprising various disconnected tools and platforms, hinders efficiency and obstructs a unified vision. Enter Corvus Link, the all-in-one SaaS solution infused with Artificial Intelligence, designed to guide startups like Acme in scaling their operating models efficiently.

Unified Visibility and Collaboration

Sarah, with Corvus Link, finds the perfect synergy of Structure and Flexibility. The platform offers a robust structure for stability while flexibly adapting to Acme's evolving startup environment. Corvus Link becomes Sarah's strategic guide, directing her on where to start and seamlessly guiding each step of the operating plan into action.

Consolidating essential tools, Corvus Link provides Sarah and her team with a singular platform for creating and updating plans, generating demand forecasts, designing operating models, and managing portfolios, eliminating the need for multiple applications.

Visibility and Insight with AI

Sarah gains comprehensive visibility through real-time dashboards, offering insights into opportunity areas, problem impacts, stakeholder perspectives, risk exposure, project progress, and lessons learned. Leveraging AI, these dashboards can provide summaries of workstreams and insights to risks. Leveraging AI, Corvus Link enables Sarah to anticipate environmental changes and disruptions. The platform empowers her to create queries in storyboards, connecting internal and external data seamlessly to provide additional insights on decision making.

In a short span of incorporating Corvus Link into Acme's operations, Sarah witnesses a transformative shift. The platform's unified interface not only enhances her productivity but also enriches client relationships and boosts satisfaction in her visionary role. Startup leaders like Sarah can leverage Corvus Link as an essential tool for streamlined workflows, informed decision-making, and enriched client relationships – truly a win-win solution in the journey of startup scaling.


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