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Harnessing the Power of Corvus Link: A Transformational Approach to Project Portfolio Management

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

When an organization found itself spread too thin, overcommitting resources and wasting valuable time, they turned to Corvus Link to facilitate building their project portfolio.


The organization was wrestling with an overwhelming workload and inadequate resources, leading to significant delays and budget strain. Stakeholders, unaware of the larger organizational context, invested in their own priorities, oblivious to cross-team interdependencies. There was a pressing need for a system to keep everyone aligned, promoting an organizational-wide approach to business development.


Our user leveraged Corvus Link to strategically approach building their business development project portfolio. They established business development objectives, identified relevant risk factors, and enlisted functional areas with a vested interest in the function of the business development capability. Our user worked with stakeholders to capture all of the current pain points with business development in Corvus Link and leveraged AI to identify patterns. The user conducted an impact and risk assessment, which led to a backlog of solutions. They used determined changes based on the solutions and assessed readiness to implement the changes associated with the business development solutions. With this information, a comprehensive strategic plan and project portfolio were built in Corvus Link, and the tool was further used for ongoing portfolio governance and regular retrospectives.


With Corvus Link, the organization saw an impressive 64% reduction in the number of applications used. They benefited from powerful, real-time insights, a unified platform for strategy, planning, portfolio management, and continuous improvement. All projects were tied to specific objectives or risk factors, promoting team focus. Also, all stakeholders were informed about upcoming changes, fostering a climate of transparency and easing adoption.


Corvus Link has transformed the way this organization manages its project portfolio, optimizing resource allocation, fostering inter-team synergy, and ensuring alignment with the business development strategy. Their success story is a testament to how Corvus Link can seamlessly streamline processes, align stakeholders, and drive efficiency in project portfolio management.


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