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Streamlining Product Development: A Corvus Link Success Story

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Amidst the dynamic landscape of SaaS product development, a start-up found themselves grappling with the complexities of delivering actionable functional requirements to an outsourced development team with a tight timeline for the initial product launch.


Their main challenges revolved around a disjointed understanding of product purpose, user problems, the role of personas, determining key features, building a product backlog, and conducting effective retrospectives.


The team turned to Corvus Link, a SaaS solution, to enable an overhaul of their approach. First, they reset their product purpose, capturing the objectives, users, and risk factors in Corvus Link. Second, they used Corvus Link to document user interviews, secondary research, and Gemba walks, increasing their understanding of user problems. Third, they constructed user personas, identifying how they would be affected by the problems the product aimed to solve. Fourth, they identified where the user need gaps were the greatest to develop the most effective features. Finally, they used these insights to build the product backlog in Corvus Link, also conducting retrospectives to continually improve their approach to product development and functionality assigned to their first release.


The utilization of Corvus Link had significant outcomes. It led to a 73% reduction in the number of applications in use, provided powerful, real-time insights for leadership, linked user needs directly to functionality, and enabled easy referencing of previous, current, and future product increments all in one place.


The adoption of Corvus Link was transformative, converting a once strenuous product development process into a streamlined, cohesive, and efficient approach. The start-up’s experience underlines the significance of using an integrated solution like Corvus Link, allowing product managers to seamlessly manage and develop their product from inception through execution.


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