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Case Studies

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Supply Chain Optimization with Tradeblock Case Study

While finding creative ways to grow through innovative product features, Tradeblock, a social marketplace for sneaker enthusiasts - decided they wanted to combine their revenue growth with cost savings in their supply chain.


While the operations leader was negotiating better terms with partners, they wanted to fulfill orders more efficiently at their main cross-dock facility. The operations leader challenged his team to find efficiencies that would produce a noticeable increase in margin and increase service levels.


Tradeblock hired a consultant from our sister company, RCSG, to facilitate a continuous improvement event and leveraged Corvus Link to capture the continuous improvement event in a single tool. Corvus Link became a repository for important learnings, business processes, and directional documents for the team supporting the rapid improvement event. The consultant leveraged Corvus Link’s powerful A.I. capability to quickly analyze pain points and risks saving the team days of work. The storyboards feature provided one place for teams to go to follow progress while details were available in the Optimization module. Through the use of Corvus Link the company was able to link opportunity areas to risks and solutions, and see visuals of the new facility layout and process flow. Additionally, through Corvus Link the team was able to facilitate a pilot of the new fulfillment model and complete custom training.


Corvus Link paired with an experienced RCSG consultant produced undeniable value for the company. Tradeblock increased their throughput at the cross-dock facility by 21% and decreased their order fulfillment costs by an estimated 30%. Additionally, how the company conducted the improvement event and all work products are available in Corvus Link for easy reference, or to easily compare with other organizational factors and insights through A.I.


The adoption of Corvus Link provided measurable value for the operations team. The team was able to understand the problem they needed to solve, align on the solution, and implement a realistic future state design for order fulfillment. As Tradeblock continues to find new ways to increase their revenue and decrease their costs, they have a powerful tool in Corvus Link.


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